I love this clear glass tent, I'm going to grow my favorite flowers in it!
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Customized Size Glass Dome Tent for Outdoor Biodome Greenhouse

Item No.: RD4
Brand Name: RAXTENT
Application: Biodome Greenhouse
Feature: Good insulation, spacious space
MOQ: 1 Set
Cover material: Tempered glass
Delivery Time: 15-25 days
Package: Customized Way
Price: $169/sqm
In recent years, the concept of sustainable living and green spaces has gained significant popularity. Many individuals are now turning their attention toward creating beautiful and eco-friendly gardens. One such trend that has caught the attention of gardening enthusiasts is the small glass dome tent thermostatic biodome greenhouse.
So, RAXTENT glass dome tent can be customized size for biodome greenhouses from 4m to 30m. You can design a greenhouse that not only meets your gardening needs but also adds charm to your outdoor space.
Size: The glass dome tent can be customized size frome 4m to 30m. 
Material: The frame of glass dome tent is made of aluminum alloy, the surface is covered with tempered glass.
Feature: The glass dome tent is 100% waterproof, fireproof, thermal insulation, over 20 year life span.
Accessory: The glass dome house accessory includes a glass door, windows, platform wood floor, etc...
Wind and Snow load: The glass dome house with a sturdy structure has a wind load of 120 KM/H and a snow load of 75 KG/SQM.



RAXTENT keeps improving each product and produces high-quality products with high-quality materials. And we have cooperated with our raw material manufacturers for many years, the quality of the product can be guaranteed.
biodome greenhouse
Transparent Cover
The glass dome house is equipped with good thermal insulation, which helps to keep the interior warm during the winter months. The surface of glass domes is covered the hollow tempered glass, which has good tightness that is designed to trap heat inside the house and prevent it from escaping. At the same time, the solid structure also makes it very safe in winter.
glass dome tent
Spacious Space
This innovative glass dome structure offers a spacious and controlled environment for growing plants. The spaciousness allows for an ample amount of plants to be cultivated, creating a vibrant and lush garden. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or someone just starting out, this biodome greenhouse provides enough space to nurture a variety of plants.
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Good Insulation
The glass dome tent is its excellent insulation properties. The structure is designed in a way that ensures the temperature inside remains stable. This is crucial for the optimal growth of plants. Whether it is scorching heat or freezing cold outside, the thermostatic greenhouse provides a sanctuary for plants, protecting them from extreme weather conditions.
RAXTENT has been producing products according to high standards, from design, production, packing, to delivery, every step is strictly treated to provide clients with high-quality products. 

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04 Production ProcessGlass dome house installation is easy, we will provide detailed installation instructions and video to help build, but also real-time guidance. If you have any questions, ask to us and we will help you. 
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RAXTENT has been operating in the tent industry for more than 10 years, we have a professional team, providing professional product design, manufacturing production, sales, installation and other one-stop services. We produce high-quality tent products and serve every client with heart. Welcome to sending inquiries to us.
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Everything is perfect. I love this ttransparent  glass dome tent, I'm going to grow my favorite flowers in it!
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